groom puts wedding ring on finger

Late summer wedding

Christina + Lukas

Imagine waking up in the morning to the sound of birds chirping, the first rays of sunshine warming up your skin and the intense notes of coffee filling up your lungs. A bliss. The day of Christina and Lukas was probably one of the hottest days in the year. However, it was a perfect summer morning, the one you dream about during winter. I remember packing my stuff and leaving my house to drive to the location. A 1,5 h drive, pretty nice. I arrived one hour too early..I always leave at least 1 hour earlier just because you never know what you may encounter on the road. Accidents, traffic jams, sheep blocking the streets..(wait, what? It’s Austria not Iceland becky).

As I said, I arrived 1 hour earlier so I decided to get my second coffee and chill by the Donau to soak in the sun. I don’t remember the last time I was so relaxed before a wedding but I’m definitely trying to make it a habit this season. The rest of the day was also pretty relaxed, at one point I even considered jumping into the pool outside. Now that I think of it I really regret not doing it. Anyways, have fun scrolling through the pictures!


Location: Weinlodge Siedler