Art Noveau Inspired Wedding

Marina + Miles

Marina and Miles decided to forgo the current trends and style their wedding around a theme their both passionate about – Art Nouveau. Marina, being the talented graphic designer that she is, put so much work into not only the stationery but every single detail. From the wedding invitations to the flowers in her bouquet, everything was carefully chosen. The small 1920s chalet, Villa Antoinette was the perfect location for their 30 guests wedding, with all its lovely restored details around the whole house. The color palette of the Antoinette’s decor was inspired by the art nouveau symbol, the peacock. And OMG, you should have seen the cake! I’ve seen hundreds of wedding cakes in my photographer career, but only a few came close to this one. A masterpiece of a 3-tiered wedding cake by with two peacocks symbolizing the bride and groom. Scroll through and see for yourselves.