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I celebrate this day as the “beginning” because it is the day I made Rebecca’s Stories official. The journey began waaay back but that’s a whole other story, or let’s say by the time I finished narrating y’all would snooze peacefully. 😊

So yes, basically Rebecca’s Stories is turning 1. I can’t believe how time flies! One year ago I got my first camera and didn’t know where to start and what to do. But throughout the year everything took shape. Slowly but surely. Got to meet the best people ever (you know who you are), did an internship at one of the best photographers I know and got a job at a creative agency as a photographer/videographer! Looking back it just seems like a rain of blessings, one at a time.

I’m sure you’ve all heard all these famous sayings like “make your dreams happen” or “follow your passion” before, but guys, as cheesy as they might sound

they’re so true! I wholeheartedly believe that there is so much potential (talent) that has been put into us, so many gifts we need to discover. We can achieve so much more than we believe! It might seem impossible at first but believe me, I’ve been there! I never ever in my life would have thought I’d one day make money from my passion. Because why would I, right? It’s a hobby, who cares? NO! It’s what I was called to do!! Once you know your calling, once you decide you want to make your dream happen, so many doors will open! Because it IS what you were called to do. These steps have been walked for you, you only have to walk IN them! Isn’t it comforting to know, that there is a path that has been walked, there is a destination, there is a place where you belong, and no matter how much would go wrong, you KNOW you’ll get there eventually? It is for me! I know, that no matter how many times I lose focus, motivation or anything else, I’ll get there in the end because it’s all set and done. There will be times you’d want to give up, difficult times where you wish you didn’t even started, times you’ll think that maybe you’re not that special after all, where you’ll think of other people doing what you do, other people with the same talent. Times where you’ll think you’ve reached your peek, your highest level of growth – but believe me you did not! Take your time, refocus and give it all you got! Trust me, you are where you are in your life because you have a purpose. And remember the path is all set, you have the certainty that you’ll get there in the end, so whatever comes your way, doesn’t matter, you’ll get there eventually.

Ok, enough talking (writing). I also wanted to take a moment and thank YOU. Yes, you, the person who is reading this. I want to thank you for being part of my year, my clients who are literally the best, for all your comments, likes, your funny replies to my stories and all the encouragement I got that was simply amazing! I never thought I’d be saying this one day, but just one encouraging word let’s all your insecurity vanish. So thank you!

And I want to celebrate my year by giving away one professional photoshoot to you guys. More details on my Instagram. I’m already excited to meet you!

Oh and it’s my first blog post. YAY!


Yours truly,



Good job drag Becky 🌼😘

thank you Nao! :*

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