It all started when..

My superhero daddy bought a compact camera and brought it when we went on vacation. There I started to take pictures of everything in sight. Trees, sand, sea shells, you name it, literally everything. I knew that I’d own a ‘real’ camera on day and take ‘real’ pictures (since I thought pictures on a compact camera weren’t actually real). As years went by, my passion grew, but I never had the courage of actually letting it become reality. Unfortunately we live in a world where dreams and passions are being underestimated and discouraged. “First you gotta finish college and then you can have any hobby you want“. But what if it isn't just a hobby? What if it's what I was called to do? It went on and I stopped telling people about my passion because I thought nobody would bother anyway, it even led to a point where I almost lost hope. I graduated and started college, but nothing seemed to be right for me. It felt like my creativity was trapped in a tiny box inside my brain. Until one day my husband said it was about time I go and follow my passion and do what I’m good at. Of course it wasn’t easy, but it was worth the wait. A few months later I bought my first professional camera and starting taking my first “real” pictures. Everything else is history...

Guys, please don't give up on your dreams! No matter if singing, drawing, writing, taking photographs or anything else is your passion! Invest in your passion and prepare to leave your comfort zone. Great things will happen!